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Digital Society Initiative


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  • National conference "Digitale Schweiz" - a milestone in shaping digital change

    Invited representatives of business, politics and society as well as some people who were elected from a public waiting list took part in the first national conference "Digitale Schweiz" in Biel on 20 November - including several representatives of the DSI. The event served to determine the current state of affairs regarding the Federal Council's "Digitale Schweiz" strategy, presented trends and developments in the information society and discussed the new need for action to help shape the future digital Switzerland.

  • First DSI White Paper published

    At the beginning of November, the first white paper of a DSI project was published: The study entitled "An Evaluation Schema for the Ethical Use of Autonomous Robotic Systems in Security Applications" provides a contribution to the question of how (partially) autonomous robotic systems can be ethically evaluated in areas such as military, police and disaster control.

  • Strong Digital Well-Being in Switzerland

    Internet users in Switzerland largely rate their online skills as good. A majority also view digital overconsumption and the feeling of missing out on more important things as a result of internet usage as unproblematic. These are the results of a representative survey on internet usage in Switzerland carried out by the Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research at the University of Zurich.

    Press Release of UZH

  • Initiatives on Digital Societies

    ‘Mapping Initiatives on Digital Societies’ is a joint project of the Collegium Helveticum (ETH Zurich, University of Zurich and Zurich University of the Arts) and the Digital Society Initiative of the University of Zurich. For the first time, it is offering a systematic overview of stakeholders in Switzerland who are tackling questions related to digital societies.

  • Manifesto for Digital Democracy

    Digital democracy - Switzerland, we need to talk!

    How we as a community react to digitalisation depends crucially on whether the "operating system" of our state - direct democracy - can develop appropriate solutions. These solutions must be effective and efficient, but also fair, sustainable and socially acceptable.

    In this manifesto, we advocate the conscious and positive use of digital instruments for a renewal of direct democracy. We invite all Swiss citizens to contribute their ideas for shaping digital democracy.

    Digital Democracy Manifesto Website

    Website "all our ideas" for discussion

  • UZH Talks

    What does digitalisation mean for society?

    Do you know that a supermarket shelf knows a lot about you? Or are you wondering whether you still have privacy in the future? Experts of the UZH are answering pressing questions about the digital society in the UZH Talk Videos.

  • Digital Day

    The future begins with you. On 21 November 2017, you can experience what digitalisation means for you and our country in more than 80 events.

  • DSI at the Digital Festival: How does digitalisation affect the media?

    With the panel discussion "Media in the Digital Transformation", the DSI brought a much-discussed and relevant topic to the stage at the Digital Festival.

  • Public event: Media in the digital transformation

    Pascale Bruderer (council of states), Ladina Heimgartner (director RTR), Prof. Abraham Bernstein (director DSI, UZH) and Linards Udris (Research Institute for the Public Sphere and Society, UZH) will discuss the implications of digitalization and the new challenges for the media. The event will be moderated by Marc Jäggi (Radio 1).

  • Great interest in the DSI Science Cafés

    Up to 100 people took part in the four Science Cafés organized by the DSI on the occasion of the Scientifica on the topic "What Data Reveal".

  • Abraham Bernstein is one of the 100 Digital Shapers of Switzerland

    Abraham Bernstein, the director of the DSI, was elected by Bilanz, Handelszeitung, Le Temps and digitalswitzerland as one of the 100 Digital Shapers of Switzerland

  • Science Cafés: The DSI at the Scientifica

    During this year's Scientifica on "What data are revealing" the DSI is organizing four Science Cafés.

  • NRP 75 "Big Data" Program Video

    Program video of the SATW on the NRP 75 "Big Data".

  • Media Showed Great Deal of Interest in the „Terminator“-Event

    The first public event of the DSI focused on a controversial topic: The effect of digitalization in the military domain – symbolized by the character of the “Terminator”.

  • Success of the University of Zurich within the National Research Program 75 «Big Data»

    Four projects have been granted to researchers from the University of Zurich (UZH) within the National Research Program (NRP) «Big Data»; in addition, UZH scientists are substantially involved in some of the other projects approved by the Swiss National Science Foundation. 

  • Broad Interest at the Internal Kick-off of the UZH Digital Society Initiative

    42 researchers of the University of Zurich attended the first internal event of the UZH Digital Society Initiative (DSI) and emphasized their willingness for scientific cooperation with questions related to digitalization. The researchers presented their current projects within a "speed dating" framework und expressed their research ideas and wishes for collaboration within the UZH DSI. This input will now be integrated in the further definition and implementation of the Initiative.

  • Opening Ceremony of the «UZH Digital Society Initiative»

    More than 300 people attended the opening ceremony of the «UZH Digital Society Initiative» on the evening of September 14th. The President of the Swiss Confederation Johann Schneider-Ammann praised the broad interdisciplinary orientation of the project and expressed his wishes for a successful initiative.