UZH Digital Society Initiative (DSI)

The digitalization is fundamentally changing science and society. This process challenges existing paradigms, enables novel approaches for research and teaching, and requires new competences in a rapidly changing societal reality.

It is the duty of all scientific disciplines and society as a whole to critically reflect on and shape these developments.

What are the goals and vision of the DSI?

The DSI provides an academic platform for promoting critical, interdisciplinary reflection and innovation on all aspects of the digitalization of society and the sciences. 

The DSI…

  • links people and competences from the sciences, the economy, politics, and the society,
  • fosters the public discussion on risks and opportunities of the digitalization,
  • strengthens the university’s capacities of reflection and research, 
  • develops proposals for the digitalized sciences and society of the future, and
  • discusses its insights with all stakeholders.

How can I join the DSI?

The DSI-platform is open to all UZH researchers. Please find here additional information on the DSI network and a registration form to join the network. 

Why should I join the DSI?

The DSI supports researchers in terms of interdisciplinary collaborations, funding and management of research projects, and communication with society and public community. Join the DSI network to actively shape this platform.

How do I get updated?

Please subscribe to the newsletter to receive information about activities and development of the DSI. Subscribe Mailinglist DSI Newsletter.