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Digital Society Initiative


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12.01.23 Open Data for an open Future  
12.01.23 DSI Book Club  
24.01.23 Webinar – Forum for Global Health Ethics  
30.01.23 Workshop on Digital Research Methods and Public Expectations  
01.02.23 Einführung in QGIS Cloud  
03.02.23 From text to geodata to visualization  
13.02.23 Workshop – Multilingual automated content analysis for comparative social science research  
15.02.23 DSI Book Club  
27.02.23 DSI Community Education: Kick-Off  
07.03.23 Einführung in die QGIS Cloud  
09.03.23 ChatGPT & Co. – eine Chance für Forschung und Lehre?  
10.03.23 Data Donation Lab Meeting  
14.03.23 GeoVITe: Benefits and opportunities of geodata (workshop)  
16.03.23 Digital Democracy: Still Loading  
21.03.23 Workshop: Game-Based Research Approaches  
23.03.23 Workshop: Gaming Research Center  
29.03.23 Why Machines Will Never Rule the World  
30.03.23 DSI Book Club  
03.04.23 Kick-Off Workshop ORD Xplore  
05.04.23 DSI Democracy meets Edgelands Institute  
06.04.23 Stop Hate Speech: Citizens meet Scientists  
19.04.23 In search of spatial patterns (workshop)  
20.-21.04.23 From Hype to Reality: Artificial Intelligence in the Study of Art and Culture  
25.04.23 The Metaverse: A role to play in mental healthcare?  
09.05.23 DSI Book Club  
11.05.23 Apéro Philo: «Digital Wellbeing: Conceptualization, Empirical Results, Challenges»  
25.05.23 DSI Democracy meets adminR  
20.06.23 Workshop: Opportunities and Challenges of Interdisciplinary Research during the PhD  
21.-22.06.23 Workshop: Medical Knowledge In and Out of the Clinic  
22.-23.06.23 DSI Community Mobility: Interdisciplinary Workshop  
31.08.-03.09.23 DSI @ Scientifica  
06.09.23 Open Knowledge Maps – A possible approach to knowledge visualization  
11.-12.09.23 Data Donation Symposium  
20.09.23 Sokratis Katsikas: Keynote  
18. - 22.09.23 DSI AI-Week  
27.09.23 Data protection and ethics in research  
28.09.23 Using GIS to tackle SDGs  
28.09.23 Data Technologies for the Humanities