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Digital Society Initiative


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12.01.23 Open Data for an open Future  
12.01.23 DSI Book Club  
24.01.23 Webinar – Forum for Global Health Ethics  
30.01.23 Workshop on Digital Research Methods and Public Expectations  
01.02.23 Einführung in QGIS Cloud  
03.02.23 From text to geodata to visualization  
13.02.23 Workshop – Multilingual automated content analysis for comparative social science research  
15.02.23 DSI Book Club  
27.02.23 DSI Community Education: Kick-Off  
07.03.23 Einführung in die QGIS Cloud  
09.03.23 ChatGPT & Co. – eine Chance für Forschung und Lehre?  
10.03.23 Data Donation Lab Meeting  
14.03.23 GeoVITe: Benefits and opportunities of geodata (workshop)  
16.03.23 Digital Democracy: Still Loading  
21.03.23 Workshop: Game-Based Research Approaches  
23.03.23 Workshop: Gaming Research Center  
24.03.-16.12.23 Games in Context: diverse Veranstaltungen  
29.03.23 Why Machines Will Never Rule the World  
30.03.23 DSI Book Club  
03.04.23 Kick-Off Workshop ORD Xplore  
05.04.23 DSI Democracy meets Edgelands Institute  
06.04.23 Stop Hate Speech: Citizens meet Scientists  
19.04.23 In search of spatial patterns (workshop)  
20.-21.04.23 From Hype to Reality: Artificial Intelligence in the Study of Art and Culture  
25.04.23 The Metaverse: A role to play in mental healthcare?  
09.05.23 DSI Book Club  
11.05.23 Apéro Philo: «Digital Wellbeing: Conceptualization, Empirical Results, Challenges»  
25.05.23 DSI Democracy meets adminR  
20.06.23 Workshop: Opportunities and Challenges of Interdisciplinary Research during the PhD  
21.-22.06.23 Workshop: Medical Knowledge In and Out of the Clinic  
22.-23.06.23 DSI Community Mobility: Interdisciplinary Workshop  
31.08.-03.09.23 DSI @ Scientifica  
06.09.23 Open Knowledge Maps – A possible approach to knowledge visualization  
11.-12.09.23 Data Donation Symposium  
20.09.23 Sokratis Katsikas: Keynote  
18. - 22.09.23 DSI AI-Week  
27.09.23 Data protection and ethics in research  
28.09.23 Using GIS to tackle SDGs  
28.09.23 Data Technologies for the Humanities  
29.09.23 Workshop on Escape Rooms  
05.10.23 How civilians can help in a crisis – New formats, new solutions?  
14.09. - 06.10.23 UZH Innovathon 2023: The Digitalization of Mobility  
12.10.23 DSI Democracy X DSI Communication meets…  
19.10.23 Lunch Workshop: Spatial Data Collection with ArcGIS Survey123  
26.10.23 KI in den Bibliotheken  
26. - 27.10.23 2023 Digital Democracy Workshop  
01.11.23 Environmental Work at a Distance: Crowd-funding ecological care?  
02.11.23 DSI Mitgliederversammlung / DSI General Meeting 2023  
02.11.23 DSI meets USZ  
02.11.23 Lunch Workshop: Get a glimpse at the power of mapping (2D/3D) with ArcGIS Online  
02.11.23 Apéro Philo: «Digitalization Meets Sustainability»  
02. - 03.11.23 Explainable AI in Medicine  
03. - 04.11.23 AI Policy Summit 2023  
08.11.23 Innosuisse Funding – Learn from colleagues  
09.11.23 Cybersecurity-Training By Gaming?  
10.11.23 Workshop: Advancing interdisciplinary perspectives on computational mental health research  
14.11.23 Future@Work – Unraveling Digital Transformation Challenges  
16.11.23 Lunch Workshop: Storytelling with ArcGIS StoryMaps  
16.11.23 Digitale Schatzsuche: ML im Dienste von Archiven und Bibliotheken  
23.11.23 Cryptography in the Wild  
29.11.23 Historische Daten mit einem GIS visualisieren und analysieren  

Data Donation Lab Meeting


Zwischen Wertschätzung und Überlastung

05.12.23 KI-Chatbots und Wissen: Lesen, Ordnen, Referenzieren  
06.12.23 Self-management, freedom, and the future of work: The case of unlimited leave  
11.12.23 Call DSI Excellence Program – Online Information Event  
15.12.23 Poster session «Education in the light of digitalization»