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Digital Society Initiative

Workshop: Game-Based Research Approaches

This workshop series gives insights in the methods of game-based research approaches. The first event will focus on the topic of Participatory Research and Education for Sustainability.

In addition to members of the DSI Communtiy Gaming, serious game enthusiasts and non-academic stakeholders are invited to learn about and experience digital and non-digital formats of existing games that address concrete sustainability issues. Talks by experts in game-based research approaches and project presentations will take you from Swiss food systems to sustainable building renovation, to contextualized supply chains management, and to interactions among the Sustainable Development Goals in Zurich.

When / Wann: March 21, 2023, 13:30 - 17:00

Where / Wo: University of Zurich, KO2-F152 (Attention: Change of room)

Language / Sprache: English

More information / Weitere Informationen:  Link

Organisation: DSI Community Gaming & Earth System Science group (UZH Department of Geography)


From 17:00 to 18:15 the games of the workshop’s experts can be played at the Digital Library Space:

  • Planet C – Play Again?  & CoPalCam (Prof. Dr. Claude Garcia, BHF)
  • Re(use) (Fabian Kastner and Stéphane Magnenat, ETH and Enlightware)
  • Lives in Transit (Martin Dusinberre, Leyla Feiner)
  • Foodscape (Sonja Böckler)


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