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Digital Society Initiative

From text to geodata to visualization

In this workshop you will learn what spatial data is, how it is structured and how to generate machine-readable data for GIS software from classical templates (e.g. text sources in the humanities). The workshop focuses on what needs to be considered in data modelling, which formats exist and why a critical reflection of the work steps and a clear research question are crucial for an adequate use of the data. You will learn what to account for research data management and long-term archiving

In a second part, different visualization options for geodata are shown and applied on the basis of case studies. Additionally, we discuss the field of application as well as advantages and disadvantages of the different visualizations.


When / Wann: February 3, 2023, 10:00 – 17:00

Where / Wo: UZH Irchel Campus, building Y25, floor H, room no. 86 (Y25-H-86)

Language / Sprache: English

Requirement / Voraussetzung: Bring your own device with a working installation of QGIS Desktop (preferably newest version: 3.28, no older than 3.22)

Registration / Anmeldung: until January 26, 2023 (Link)

Contact / Kontakt: For questions concerning the content of the course, write to Daniel Ursprung, for questions related to administration contact Katia Soland.


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