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The DSI Community Gaming focuses on studying and applying digital games in academic research and teaching.

The community’s mission is to bring together and network researchers who research and work on and with digital games. A vital concern is the equal balance of three fields:

  • research on games, in which the increasing importance of digital games for our culture is explored (Game Studies)

  • research with games, in which, on the one hand, digital transformations of our everyday social life are traced in nuce, and on the other hand, the attractiveness of games is used to stimulate participatory research (Game-based Research)

  • teaching with games, in which game mechanics are used for the motivating mediation of learning content (Game-based Learning, Serious and Applied games, Gamification).

The networking supported here aims to promote digital games as a topic in university teaching and research, to establish sustainable projects, and to conduct public relations work regarding the value of digital games. In this way, the community contributes essentially to the research and the visibility of a virulent digitization topic on a national and international level.

Here you can find more information about the DSI Community Gaming.

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How can I participate?

Register for the DSI network and then contact the responsible community manager (see Contact).
We look forward to welcoming you to the DSI circle.


You can contact the DSI Community Gaming via mail.

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