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CYREN ZH: Cyber Resilience Network For The Canton Of Zurich

CYREN ZH promotes cooperation in research and teaching in the field of cybersecurity between the DIZH universities with the aim of establishing a «cyber militia» to support the Canton of Zurich.

The new «Cyber Resilience Network» of the Canton of Zurich is intended to counter the increasing threats from the Internet. The vulnerability of computer systems is increasing due to progressive networking, which is a challenge especially for critical infrastructures. The «Cyber Resilience Network» aims to help mitigate such threats through research and teaching as well as the establishment of a «cyber militia» – analogous to the fire brigade. The project focuses in particular on non-technical aspects of cybersecurity. For example, the legal basis and feasibility of setting up a cyber militia of volunteers will be researched. The cooperation between the participating universities and the various actors in the Canton of Zurich will be intensified in order to create new education and training opportunities in the field of cyber security. The involvement of civil society will also play an important role in this project. The aim is to increase the resilience of Zurich as a business location and its population against cyber risks - both through preventive measures and through damage management in the event of major incidents.

Here you can find more information on the project.

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Innovation Program of the Digitalization Initiative of the Zurich Higher Education Institutions (DIZH)