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Alexandre Bovet

Alexandre Bovet, Prof. Dr.

  • Quantitative Network Science

Alexandre Bovet is Assistant Professor in Quantitative Network Science at the Institute of Mathematics. He received his PhD in Physics in 2015 from EPFL and held postdoctoral positions at ETH Zurich, the City College of New York, the Université catholique de Louvain and at the University of Oxford. He was awarded the SNSF Early and Advanced Postdoc Mobility Fellowships and the FNRS Senior Postdoctoral Researcher Fellowship. Alexandre is a member of the Swiss Young Academy and of the steering committee of the Winter Workshop on Complex Systems.

Alexandre is interested in complex systems and in their modelling using complex networks. In particular, he is interested in interdisciplinary approaches to answer social and economic questions using tools from physics, mathematics and data science. He investigates how information and disinformation propagate in social media, the organization of social networks and the mechanisms of opinion formation. He is also developing novel network science methods to extract simplified views of complex temporal systems.