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Course Details Studium Digitale

Who is the target group of Studium Digitale?

The Studium Digitale is aimed at all UZH students at Bachelor level, regardless of what is studied in the major. Studium Digitale is e-accessible and therefore accessible for students with visual or hearing impairments.

How is Studium Digitale presented?

Studium Digitale takes place as an online course (in German) on the OLAT platform. The course consists of video lessons, exercises and self-learning tests. Students can view and study the learning content at the time that suits them. All content that is needed is available on OLAT. The system makes it possible to watch the instructional videos, obtain the scripts electronically, complete the exercises, discuss with other students, and submit questions to the respective instructors. As far as possible, PowerPoint slides are offered.

In which language is the Studium Digitale conducted?

The course language is German.

How is the Studium Digitale structured?

The Studium Digitale consists of 17 course elements, numbered from 1 to 17 (number 11 is still in production). With almost every course element, students encounter a new lecturer who teaches on a specific topic in the respective course element. It makes sense to complete the course elements one after the other, as some of the content builds on each other. Each course element consists of videos that are relevant for the examination.

What does the certificate of achievement look like?

The certificate of achievement takes place as an OLAT exam at the end of the semester and consists of a written multiple-choice exam (single choice and Kprim only). Three ECTS will be awarded for a passed exam.

In order to pass the exam we recommend that you study the contents in this OLAT course carefully and especially complete the exercises in the course.

  • All contents of the video lessons are relevant for the exam.
  • The duration of the exam is 90 minutes.
  • The exam questions consist exclusively of Kprim and single choice questions.
  • The evaluation of Studium Digitale is: pass/fail.
  • The exam can be repeated twice.

How to book the Studium Digitale?

The Studium Digitale and other innovative interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary courses are offered through the School for Transdisciplinary Studies.

You can book modules for the Studium Digitale in the course catalog of the University of Zurich via School for Transdisciplinary Studies → School for Transdisciplinary Studies → Inter-/Transdisciplinary Courses → Studium Digitale or via your study program. Here you can find the module for the spring semester 2024.

May the Studium Digitale instructional videos be reused?

The videos produced as part of Studium Digitale are licensed material with copyright, which is held solely by the Digital Society Initiative (DSI). The Studium Digitale content may be reused in the context of university teaching at the University of Zurich (UZH) as well as at other universities subject to certain conditions of use. If you are interested in obtaining Studium Digitale content, you can find more information on the topic here.