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Digital Society Initiative

DSI Managing Office: New faces, new responsibilities

Nothing is more constant than change. The DSI office cannot and will not close itself off to this. We are pleased to welcome two new staff members and have partially redistributed or expanded roles internally. In order to keep it clear for you who is the right contact person for which topic, we have summarised our competences and responsibilities briefly.

New faces:

As project manager, Isabelle Krebs is responsible for all strategic matters in the DSI education area and for the further development of the DSI education programmes. At the same time, Isabelle is the DSI representative in the UZH P8 project DISK4U.

Tobias Huber is responsible for communication and events. Tobias is the right person for questions or ideas on internal and external communication, e.g. web content, social media or newsletters. He also plans and coordinates events, always in close cooperation with the communities.

New responsibilities:

Simona Cerrato is an administrative assistant and thus responsible for all tasks in the area of personnel and accounting. In addition, Simona has been the first point of contact for questions from the DSI communities as coordinator since January 2021.

Nina Cornelius has been responsible for coordinating DSI's educational activities since January 2021. Nina is the direct line for students and lecturers in the Digital Studies Programme as well as for doctoral students in the DSI Excellence Programme. At the same time, she acts as an interface for other UZH offices in the field of education.

They provide continuity:

Markus Christen is the «academic director» and is responsible in particular for the strategic projects of the DSI and the research relevant DIZH activities that affect the DSI. Markus is the contact person for national and international collaborations of the DSI and represents the Directorate in national and international committees. He also designs and implements DSI research projects on behalf of the Directorate.

Sarah Lechmann is the co-manager of the DSI and takes care of the finances as well as everything operational around the DSI. Sarah is the right person for questions about the budget, activities and processes at the DSI.

Carmen Romer is the student assistant of the DSI. Carmen supports the office mainly in the areas of communication, events as well as education and everywhere where it is most urgently needed....

Pascal Kieffer is the IT coordinator at DSI and responsible for the IT network. Pascal is the right person to answer questions about hardware and software, telephony and IT services.