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Digital Society Initiative

A boost for digitalization

A pioneering project: The DIZH digitalization initiative of the Canton of Zurich’s institutions of higher education will strengthen the University of Zurich and its partners. Around three dozen new professorships are to be created at UZH, 20 of them assistant professorships.

The DIZH digitalization initiative, a collaborative effort by Zurich’s institutions of higher education, is set to receive CHF 108 million in special cantonal funding for the period from 2020 through 2029. UZH will contribute CHF 99 million of its own resources to the total DIZH initiative fund of CHF 300 million and will provide matching funds for projects originating from the DIZH Innovation Program.
If the parliament of the Canton of Zurich approves the additional funding, UZH will be able to significantly expand its cooperation with the canton’s other universities. 

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