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  • The new Federal Councillor sees people at the centre of digitalisation

    On 5 December 2018, the Federal Assembly elected two women to the Federal Council: Karin Keller-Suter and Viola Amherd. In an interview with the SRF, Viola Amherd stated that digitalisation is a topic for the future that she would like to deal with. 

  • DSI Lecture Series

    The last lecture of the first DSI lecture series on "Communicative Challenges in Digital Societies" will take place on 11 December 2018.

  • Call for papers: 6th Swiss conference on Data Science (SDS2019)

    On 14 June 2019, the 6th Swiss Conference on Data Science (SDS2019) will take place in Bern. SDS2019 brings together opinion-leaders, practitioners, decision-makers and researchers with interest in Data Science. The goal is to foster the exchange of ideas for innovative research, products and services especially for the Swiss market and to sustain the community of Data Scientists.

  • The call for NRP 77 (Digital Transformation) is now open

    The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) launches a call for the National Research Programme "Digital Transformation" (NRP 77) based on a mandate from the Federal Council. Researchers can submit their pre-proposals for NRP 77 "Digital Transformation" until 25 February 2019.

  • SRF theme night: Dataland - the future of Switzerland

    On 21 November, SRF hosted an interesting theme night on digital change in Switzerland. Prof. Dr. Abraham Bernstein, Director of the Digital Society Initiative, appeared as an expert on the programme.

  • OECD-workshop at University of Zurich

    On 15-16 October 2018 the OECD-workshop "Protection of Children in a Connected World" took place at the University of Zurich. 

  • Zurich meets San Francisco

    The "Zurich meets San Francisco" festival last week gathered researchers from Zurich and California. One of the topics was the influence of social media on democracy, the second research topic presented by the UZH at the festival was urban navigation technologies.

  • Hackathon «Crowdsourcing Data Analysis»

    Within the scope of the second Digital Day the University of Zurich organized in collaboration with the Open Data sections of both the Canton and the City of Zurich and with Wikidata a Hackathon taking place in the Kunsthalle Zurich within the exposition 100 Ways of Thinking. Approximately 30 Hackers collaborated in an inspiring atmosphere amidst the exposition.

  • Digital change at your fingertips

    Digitalization is becoming the fourth industrial revolution. On Digital Day, the UZH presented the possibilities of digitalization and what digital change means at Zurich Central Station.

  • 18 new professorships for digitalization

    The University of Zurich is investing in digital change: with 18 new professorships in the field of digitalization, it is positioning itself internationally as a center for research into digital change.

  • Project GeoViSense: Paid internships (Bachelors or Masters level)

    This project, at the interface of GIScience (geovisual analytics) and neuro-cognitive science, aims to study how we make spatiotemporal decisions with geographic information displays (GIDs) in varying mobile decision-making contexts and how to develop display design guidelines for user, task, and context-responsive GIDs.

  • Final report of the expert group “Future of data processing and data security”

    At its meeting on September 5th 2018, the Federal Council took note of the final report of the expert group on the future of data processing and data security.

  • UZH and DSI at the Digital Festival

    Alexander Seifert represented UZH and the DSI at the event "Innovation for More Self-Determination and Inclusion" at this year's Digital Festival.

  • Successful third-party fundraising thanks to DSI support

    The "Swiss Network of International Studies" supports a two-year project on opportunities and challenges for the integration of ethical values in the humanitarian use of drones. The development of the application was supported by a DSI Seed Grant.

  • Falling Walls Lab Zurich

    The Falling Walls Lab gives innovative thinkers the possibility to present a research project, business plan, or social initiative. The Zurich event is hosted on 27 September 2018. The winner will travel to Germany and directly qualifies for the global Lab Finale in Berlin on 8 November as one of 100 international winners.

  • DSI Yellow Pages are online!

    The DSI Yellow Pages are online. In the DSI Yellow Pages you can browse through the areas of interest of the DSI Network members and locate the respective experts.

  • An exciting UZH Digital Forum: The Future of Work

    On September 13, the UZH Digital Forum on "The Future of Work" took place. In an exciting lecture at the UZH, the keynote speaker Thomas W. Malone from MIT argued that digitization is changing the world of work in a different way than is generally assumed.

  • GeoVisense Workshop July 16-17

    The GeoVisense Workshop will take place on July 16-17 at the University of Zurich 

    Towards a Transdisciplinary Human Sensor Science of Human Visum-Spatial Decision Making with Geographic Information Displays. 

  • DSI Data Day

    The program of the DSI Data Day on July 4 is online.

    At this half-day event you will receive important tips and information for the professional handling of data of all kinds. Data management, technical support, as well as ethical and data protection aspects are addressed. The event, jointly organized by S3IT, the new Data Service Center and DSI, also launches the Code and Data Clinics, where researchers can regularly discuss their questions with experts.

  • Open Position: Project Leader in Digital Management 80-100%

    The city of Aarau looks for a Project Leader in Digital Management 80-100% with immediate effect or by arrangement. 

  • DSI presents: Swiss Art Research Infrastructure (SARI)

    The Swiss Art Research Infrastructure (SARI) is a national research infrastructure providing unified und mutual access to research data, digitised visual resources, and related reference data in the field of art history, design history, history of photography, film studies, architecture and urban planning, archaeology, history studies, religious studies, and other disciplines related to the visual studies, as well as the digital humanities at large. 

  • DSI launches "UZH Digital Forum" event series

    Is the open Internet history? Florent Thouvenin, Chair of Information and Communication Law at the UZH, and Nationalrat Balthasar Glättli discussed this topic at the UZH Digital Forum on 16 April 2018. 

  • DSI awards travel scholarships to UZH students for the Swiss Data Cube Hackathon

    The Universities of Zurich and Geneva have been official strategic partners since December 2017. At the heart of the collaboration is the analysis and research of the impact of digitisation on our society. 

  • UZH Digital Forum

    On April 16, our series of events "UZH Digital Forum" starts with a first public event on the topic of "Is the open Internet history?"

  • Conference: Sports, Data, and Journalism

    Data science, the sexiest job of the 21st century, has arrived in sports and is here to stay. The gathering and analyses of data in sports play a key role for researchers, data intelligence and technology firms, sports organizations, and media institutions alike.

  • Calls with a focus on digitalization

  • Better regulation of civil drones

    DSI researchers are co-authors of a recent report on the opportunities and challenges of civilian drones published by the TA-SWISS Foundation for Technology Assessment. The sharp increase in the use of civil drones raises numerous questions such as the integration of these unmanned aerial vehicles into an already heavily used airspace, questions of safety, compliance with the law and equality of rights, protection of privacy and the environment. 

  • White Paper on automated decision making published

    The white paper “When Computers Decide: European Recommendations on Machine-Learned Automated Decision Making” presents the views of the Association for Computing Machinery Europe Policy Committee (EUACM)1 and Informatics Europe (IE)2 on the challenges posed by the increasing presence of Machine Learning and Automated Decision Making (ADM) systems in almost every aspect of modern human life. The paper reviews the most recent developments in ADM systems, stressing their benefits and risks, and the technology’s potential implications in several areas: technical, ethical, economic, societal, legal and educational. 

  • Brainhack Zurich

    From 2nd to 4th May, the Brainhack Zurich event is being held for the second time. It is a mixture of hackathon, workshop and informal get-together. The event aims to connect neuroscientists and to promote neuroscience tools that facilitate open and reproducible (neuro)science.

  • Brown Bag Lunch

    Our Brown Bag Lunch Series starts on March 7th with a contribution of Prof. Martin Volk on the topic "Neural Machine Translation - A Revolution and its Consequences".

  • Swiss Data Cube Hackathon

    The "Swiss Data Cube Hackathon" will take place from 11 to 13 April as part of the "Open Geneva" festival. The aim of this hackathon is to find new ways to facilitate the access and use of satellite data for environmental monitoring in Switzerland. 

  • UZH Talks online!

    The app with the UZH Talks of the Digital Society Initiative is now online. Have fun watching!

  • JSPS Fellowship

    The Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) is offering Postdoctoral Fellowships for Overseas Researchers to citizens and permanent residents of Switzerland. 

  • ELSI task force of the NRP "Big Data"

    The DSI coordinates the ELSI task force of the NRP "Big Data".