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Digital Society Initiative


DSI Label in ZORA for AKABER

Have you published a paper that resulted from a DSI/DIZH project* or a DSI/DIZH-related project**? Then we would like to ask you to label this publication accordingly in ZORA.

In the ZORA-Workflow you will find all organizational units (institute, clinic, center, division) under «Communities & Collection». Here you can enter all units which were involved in your publication. The publication will then appear in all academic reports of the specified organizational units. The DSI is listed under «08 Research Priority Programs: Digital Society Initiative» / «08 Forschungsschwerpunkte: Digital Society Initiative».

Important: Publications must be entered in ZORA at the latest by February 15 of the following year (e.g. 15.02.2024 for AKABER 2023). The assignment of the publication to the DSI can still be made until mid-March.

If you have any questions, please send an e-mail to:

*DSI/DIZH project:

  • Project responsible is a:
    • DSI/DIZH Professorship
    • DSI/DIZH Assistant Professorship
    • DSI PhD student
    • researcher employed at the DSI
    • DIZH Bridge Professorship or
    • DIZH Bridge Postdoc
  • Project of a DSI Community:
    • which is administered at the DSI, or
    • made possible by DSI Funding, or
    • made possible by cooperation with a DSI Fellow, or
    • declared as such by the project manager (in agreement with institute/faculty/DSI)

**DSI/DIZH-relevant project:

  • The project has a weak connection to the DSI/DIZH or deals with a digitalization-relevant topic.