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Digital Society Initiative

Community Support

Here, already established or new DSI communities can find support on the following topics:

  • Reporting & Program
  • Finances
  • Creation

As a general rule, only DSI Communities have access to DSI Funding. The decision on all applications (e.g. program or funding) is made by the DSI Board of Directors.


Annual Community Reporting & Program

DSI Communities apply annually for financial support with a reporting of the past year and a community program of the coming year - each on a conceptual and financial level.

Here you can find the template «Concept Reporting & Program Proposal» (DOCX, 1 MB) (DOCX, 1 MB).

Here you can find the template «Finances Reporting & Program Proposal» (XLSX, 16 KB) (XLSX, 16 KB).

The deadline for program submission for this year is November 1, 2024.

The DSI Board of Directors decides on the entirety of the applications from the communities. This allows priorities to be set. In addition, this approach allows synergies to be exploited between the activities of the communities. There is no entitlement to funding.

Financing Criteria

In principle, the DSI does not support any hardware (e.g. tablets). Nor can the DSI finance the development of products or services. The Board of Directors decides on the support, using the DSI’s strategic funds, according to the following criteria A-I. Fulfilment of these criteria does not constitute a legal entitlement to funding.

Here you can download the Financing Criteria (PDF, 81 KB).


Creation of new communities

Is there a topic you want to tackle with colleagues from the DSI Network? Then create a new DSI community. To do this, proceed as follows:

We hope to be able to help with this information. If you have any uncertainties or further questions, please send an e-mail to: