About us

You want to know more about the Digital Society Initiative?

The "UZH Digital Society Initiative" (DSI) is a scientific institution supported by all faculties of the University of Zurich (UZH) and open to all members of the UZH. It aims to promote independent scientific reflection and innovation on issues relating to the digital society, to prepare UZH students to help shape the digital society, to engage in a continuous discourse with the public and to support political decision-making.

To this end, the DSI promotes the intensive cooperation of scientists from different disciplines and institutions who are working together for a limited time on research selected topics of the digital society.

What is the Digital Society Initiative doing? 

  • We promote research on the digital society;
  • We promote national and international cooperation between all scientific disciplines that deal with issues related to the digital society;
  • We develop courses on the digital society for students of all faculties;
  • We use findings from basic research to shape future developments in society, culture, politics, business and science;
  • We strengthen cooperation with society, culture, politics and business and enter into dialogue with the public.