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Digital Society Initiative

The Digital Society Initiative (DSI)

The Digital Society Initiative (DSI) shapes the digital transformation of society and science. With interdisciplinary activities in research, education and outreach, the DSI is the University of Zurich's (UZH) competence center on digital transformation.

The DSI is a scientific institution supported by all faculties of the UZH, which promotes independent scientific reflection and innovation on questions of digital transformation. It prepares UZH students to help shape the digital transformation, engages in regular discourse with the public and supports policy-making on digital transformation issues.

What does the DigitaI Society Initiative (DSI) do in concrete terms?

  • The DSI promotes research on the digital transformation
  • The DSI promotes national and international cooperation between all scientific disciplines that deal with questions of digital transformation
  • The DSI develops teaching programs on digital transformation for students of all faculties
  • The DSI uses findings from fundamental research to shape future developments in society, culture, politics, business and science
  • The DSI strengthens cooperation between society, culture, politics and business and engages in dialogue with the public

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Weiterführende Informationen

Weiterführende Informationen

DSI Bylaws (in German)