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Digital Society Initiative

DSI Minor Digital Skills

In the 30 ECTS Master’s minor study program DSI Minor Digital Skills, students learn how to meet the challenges of the digital transformation and take advantage of its opportunities. They gain a multidisciplinary scientific overview of digitalization and are encouraged to critically reflect on its effects on individuals and society as a whole.

Students are provided with individual learning paths to enhance their digital skills such as programming, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. They apply these skills to current challenges in interdisciplinary project teams, integrating their ethical, legal and social knowledge.

Study program: Master's Minor 30 ECTS
see: UZH Course Catalogue

Why this Master's Minor?

In this study program you will…

  • gain a profound understanding of the digital transformation in our society.
  • expand your digital skills based on your interests.
  • apply digital skills to interdisciplinary challenges.
  • acquire the skills and experience to collaborate in interdisciplinary teams.
  • learn to reflect critically on topics within the field of digital transformation.
  • get to connect with a broad network of researchers and practitioners.

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Curriculum, Study Path and Content

The curriculum design allows students to acquire digital skills based on their individual interests and previous learning paths and to gain an overview of the digital transformation. A core component is the application of these new competencies in a teamwork-based challenge that runs over both semesters.

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Application Procedure

To take the DSI Minor Digital Skills starting in the 2024 Fall Semester (HS 24), apply within the application window March 4 - April 15, 2024.

The application is a 2-step procedure, where you first apply for the program, and second, and only if accepted, register for the program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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