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Digital Society Initiative


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25.01.2024 CYRENZH: Workshop on Cyber Clinics  
27.01.2024 DSI Community Gaming Goes Global Game Jam  
01.02.2024 «AI’ll be back – Consequences of AI regulation for startups»  
21.02.2024 Grüezi: DSI Community Education Plenary Meeting  

Movie night «The Driven Ones»

28.02.2024 DSI Community Digital Humanities: Kick-off Meeting  
04.03.2024 Gaming with a Purpose: Empowering Players through Citizen Science  
07.03.2024 Abschlussveranstaltung NFP 77: Governance-Rahmen Cybersicherheit  
13.03.2024 How interactions with leaders and coworkers via different communication channels relate to employee inclusion  
19.03.2024 Open Government Data: Geodaten und andere Daten finden und nutzen (UB Coffee Lecture)  
19.03.2024 «Philosophy of AI» Presentation Series – Session 1  
22.03.2024 The post-Fordist neoliberal university and the algorithmized digital citizen  
25.03.2024 Opinions, Polarization and other Monsters  
25.03.2024 Philosophy of AI – Session 2: The Future of Art in a World with AI  
08.04.2024 DSI Minor Digital Skills: Info Event  
09.04.2024 Philosophy of AI – Session 3: Drones for Public Safety  
11.04.2024 The future of higher didactics series: Designing effective and engaging learning environments with augmented reality  
12.04.2024 Workshop on Content Analysis  

Unlocking Insights: Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Lunch Talks Series

19.04.2024 Let's VR! First Steps in Virtual Reality  
23.04.2024 Your first map in R  
24.04.2024 Panel Discussion on AI, Labour and Commercial Law  
24.04.2024 Playtesting ZHdK Master «Game Design»  
25.04.2024 DSI Democracy meets... «Governance in International Organizations»  
26.04.2024 Nordic Game Night  
02.05.2024 Innovations in Digital Interventions: 1. Session «Talk2UZH»  

Copilot Your Day: Facilitating academic work at the university

15.05.2024 Crafting recovery and optimal employee functioning in the future of work and nonwork  
15.05.2024 Games als Leistungsnachweis mit Twine  
16.05.2024 OpenStreetMap for Research and Geospatial Analysis  

Apéro Digital Inaugural Event – Trust Certified? Certification Labels for AI Systems


Panel Discussion on AI, Human Rights and Law


From Neuroscience to Efficient & Proven Learning Apps (for Math and Literacy)

28.05.2024 Think-Meeting «Sustainability and employer branding in the Swiss IT sector»  

Präsenzvorlesungen vs. Vorlesungsaufzeichnungen: Was ist besser?

28.05.2024 Philosophy of AI – Session 4: Addressing Social Misattributions of Large Language Models  
29.05.2024 Learning Resources in an AI Environment: How Evulpo Makes the World a Smarter Place  
13.06.2024 Digivox Info Session  

Retrieval Augmented Generation & Agents in Bibliotheken


Apéro Digital: Manufacturing Innovation

05.07.2024 Innovations in Digital Interventions: 2. Session «Machine Learning in Health that Matters»  
10.07.2024 Towards Bridging Digital Editions: ORD-Xplore  
11.07.2024 Unlocking Insights: Interdisciplinary Cybersecurity Lunch Talks Series