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Digital Society Initiative


The «Z-Pool-Tool» project aims to create an integral technical platform for all existing and future subject pools for the DIZH universities.

The project «Z-Pool-Tool» aims at the creation of an integral technical platform for all existing and future volunteer pools for the DIZH universities. The «Z-Pool-Tool» is intended to enable a technologically uniform, operationally independent recruitment of volunteers as well as the administration of volunteer pools for all organizational units of the DIZH universities. Users of the «Z-Pool-Tool» are therefore institutes and other DIZH organizational units that want to set up volunteer pools for specific purposes and maintain them according to their individual needs. The pools themselves will then be available to researchers according to the specifications of the individual pools. In addition, a new DIZH volunteer pool of several 10,000 people will be created as a strategic resource for finding volunteers for online and offline research, independent of commercial service providers.

The tool generates an unprecedented platform for interdisciplinary collaboration by making subject resources visible DIZH-wide, enabling the exchange of experiences between researchers, and facilitating compliance with privacy and ethical standards in research with subjects.

The starting point for the creation of this shared online platform are activities at UZH to technically standardize the platforms of existing pool operators at UZH, namely the «Universitäre Anmeldestelle für Studienteilnehmer» (UAST) of the Department of Economics and the volunteer pools currently operated by the Institute of Psychology. These outdated and technically diverse administration systems for probands will be renewed and technically unified by the project, which will enable synergies in terms of technical support and further technical development. Numerous other UZH institutes from four faculties (MeF, MNF, PhF, WWF) have already expressed interest in using such a platform to set up their own pools. In the course of the project set-up, researchers from all DIZH universities have also expressed interest, as has a unit from ETH Zurich.


Project coordination

  • Dr. Markus Christen (DSI)
  • Dr. Melanie Knieps (DSI)
  • Andreas Saurer (UZH Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics)