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Digital Society Initiative

Code of Ethics for data-based value creation

As a member of the Swiss Alliance for Data-intensive Services, DSI researchers act as academic co-leaders of the Data Ethics Working Group and are in charge of the project “Code of Ethics for Data-Based Value Creation”. The code helps to develop products and services that are in line with the ethical expectations of customers, employees or society. It consists of a series of documents that are currently under development: 1) Overview; 2) Fundamentals; 3) Recommendations with examples; 4) Implementation Guide; 5) Background information. Innosuisse has approved additional funding for the preparation of the Implementation Guide. This guide is intended to show concretely how data ethical principles can be integrated into the business processes of companies, with a special focus on the needs of SMEs. The Code of Ethics will be presented to the public in autumn 2020.

Involved partners

  • All members of the Data Ethics Expert Group of the Swiss Alliance for Data-intensive Services; in particular Christoph Heitz (ZHAW) and Tom Kleiber (Zetamind): LINK:
  • Coordinators DSI: Markus Christen & Michele Loi