The Community "Work" wants to promote research related to the impact of digitalisation on the economy, innovation and work, and the associated societal changes.

Mission Statement

The Community "Work" aims to promote research into the effects of digitalisation on the economy, innovation and work. To this end, the Community "Work" provides a platform and network for a cross-faculty and interdisciplinary exchange of ideas among researchers and other interested parties. Regular meetings that enable an uncomplicated exchange of ideas and know-how, the organization of lectures, workshops and conferences, the writing of publications and the launch of interdisciplinary teaching and research projects are a selection of activities that the Community "Work" organizes and supports. All this - against the background and in the realization that digitalisation also challenges existing paradigms in the field of "work" - enables new forms of research and teaching, and demands new skills in a rapidly changing society. The Community "Work" aims to scientifically accompany the process of digitalisation and thus contribute to positioning the University of Zurich and its Digital Society Initiative both nationally and internationally as a competence center for the critical reflection of all aspects of digital society.