Find here the Microsite of the Community Health.



The focus of the Community Health is to better understand, prepare and benefit from the digital society in the health domain. Researchers in the Community Health share the vision of an informed health for one and for all, building on the following pillars:

  • Digital science & research embraces well-being, medicine and care
  • AI technology collects, classifies, interprets diverse health data
  • UZH people are experienced in tackling interdisciplinary questions and creating societal impact
  • Ethics & law aim to establish state of the art frameworks for respect for persons, beneficence and justice, data protection and data security



  • Showcasing interdisciplinarity and independent expertise and foster knowledge sharing and joint research
  • Reflecting on challenges and opportunities posed by digitalization to health
  • Improving informed decisions and health by integrating, analysing, contextualising complex digital health-related data
  • Promoting digital literacy, create trust, and empower all citizens, including patients, healthcare providers and policy-makers, for optimizing health outcomes
  • Providing guidance on optimal research structures to achieve this mission