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Digital Society Initiative


Keyvisual Ethics


The DSI Community Ethics explores the ethical aspects of digitalization in terms of three dimensions: normative, empirical, and constructive.


The use of novel digital technologies raises a wide range of ethical challenges and questions. With the goal of addressing these challenges and answering questions, the community organizes workshops and other meetings for regular exchange and to promote interdisciplinary research along normative, empirical, and constructive lines. It also supports the DSI as a whole by providing ethical expertise to other research groups and for outreach activities.


Here you can find more information about the DSI Community Ethics.

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How can I participate?

Register for the DSI network and then contact the responsible community manager (see Contact).
We look forward to welcoming you to the DSI circle.


Jana Sedlakova (Community Manager) and other researchers design the content of the DSI Community Ethics.

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