Keyvisual Ethics


The DSI Ethics Community unifies all researchers (both regular and associate DSI members) in ethics and related domains that are interested in ethical aspects of digitalization along the following three dimensions:

  • Normative: Critically explore ethical questions and implications that the use of digital technologies poses.
  • Empirical: Investigate how digital technologies influence people's moral competences and ethical beliefs.
  • Constructive: Develop ethically sound digital technologies and the respective guidelines.

The DSI Ethics Community organizes workshops and other meetings for regular exchange and promotion of interdisciplinary research along these three lines. It also supports the DSI as a whole by providing ethical expertise for other research groups and for outreach activities.

The core structure of the DSI Ethics Community is the DSI Digital Ethics Lab (DSI-DEL). The DSI-DEL consists of researchers that work on interdisciplinary projects with a strong focus on ethical questions of digital transformation, whereas (third party) project funding emerged from collaboration in the community.

Find here the Microsite of the Community Ethics.