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The DSI Community Cybersecurity is dedicated to researching and understanding the key security challenges of digital technologies. This with the aim of jointly shaping a secure digital society.


The community grew out of a group of researchers with a common interest in cybersecurity, whose members are based at various faculties of the University of Zurich and at other organizations. Each member brings not only profound knowledge from their field, but also their professional networks that extend far beyond the borders of Switzerland. The community represents a broad spectrum of cybersecurity expertise from the University of Zurich as well as other universities, government agencies and the private sector. Together, the experts combine knowledge about behavioral, societal, regulatory and technological aspects of cybersecurity.


Here you can find more information about the DSI Community Cybersecurity.

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How can I participate?

Register for the DSI network and then contact the responsible community manager (see Contact).
We look forward to welcoming you to the DSI circle.


Leyla Ciragan (Community Manager) and other researchers design the content of the DSI Community Cybersecurity.

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