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The DSI Community "Communication" focuses on research related to the impact of digitalisation on human social interaction through various media, the communicative challenges in a digital society, etc. 

Find here the Microsite of the Community Communication.


Our vision is a digital society that exploits the full potential of communication while avoiding negative outcomes.


  • Why? The vision to realize the full potential of information and communication technologies requires a comprehensive understanding of its functional and dysfunctional implications.
  • What? The DSI Community Communication aims to understand, deliberate about, and shape communication and its societal implications in a digital society.
  • How? The DSI Community Communication is an interdisciplinary collaboration platform. It coordinates activities in research, teaching, and society outreach to maximize and accelerate the impact for digital society.
  • Who? The DSI Community Communication is open for all UZH researchers and affiliates interested in contributing to our mission and thus serving the Zurich, Swiss, and international society.