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Digital Society Initiative


Liliana Barrios, Dr.

  • Digital Biomarkers
Rämistrasse 69, 8001 Zürich

Research Area

My research focuses on utilizing cutting-edge digital technology to derive novel digital biomarkers that enhance healthcare and improve patients' quality of life. Digital biomarkers complement traditional patient-reported outcomes by providing deeper insights into patients' daily lives, offering objective measurements and continuous monitoring. To make my research more tangible, I concentrate on studying fatigue, a highly prevalent symptom of chronic conditions. Fatigue is often overlooked or neglected as medical professionals struggle to effectively treat it, leaving patients to cope with this symptom on their own. I collaborate closely with other researchers and medical institutions to develop meaningful tools for clinicians and patients. Additionally, I am interested in finding ways to translate this research into practical applications that can be integrated into routine patient care.

Academic Career

I have a background in Computer Science and currently hold a postdoctoral fellowship at the Digital Society Initiative (DSI). I am also affiliated with the Swiss Data Science Center at ETH, where I work on an Innosuisse innovation project. I completed my Ph.D. in Computer Science at ETH Zurich in 2023 – «Enabling Objective Fatigue Quantification in Neurological Patients Through Mobile Technologies.» In 2016, I obtained an M.Sc. degree in Informatics from the University of Zurich. Before that, I received my Dipl.-Ing. in Computer Science from Simón Bolívar University, Venezuela, in 2012.


During my postdoc at the DSI, I am continuing my work on the Innosuisse-funded project, «Redefining standard fatigue assessments with digital biomarkers.» This collaborative effort involves the University of Zurich (UZH), ETH Zurich, CSEM, and Inselspital Bern. We are dedicated to developing novel digital biomarkers for fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis and post-COVID patients. As a second aim of my DSI postdoc, we will investigate strategies to integrate these digital biomarkers into routine patient care.