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3 Questions about the BRIDGE Lab – project in the «DSI Infrastructures & Labs» series

DSI Infrastructures & Labs are shareable infrastructures or structural vessels for creating collaborative research environments related to digital transformation. Dr. Ning Wang briefly introduces the BRIDGE Lab, one of the projects in this series.

What is the BRIDGE Lab - in three sentences?

The BRIDGE Lab is a collaborative platform promoting research and innovation across sectors and cultures. In particular, it connects universities with industries, governments, and organizations around the conditions of successful implementation of digital innovations in Switzerland and beyond. In doing so, we strive to smoothen the path to prepare the society towards better acceptance of, and adaptation to, emerging technologies of high impact as well as its related services and infrastructure.

How does the BRIDGE Lab close the wisdom gap?

The BRIDGE lab offers an exploratory space to bridge the «wisdom gap» by addressing the challenge of «value sensitive innovation» through its strategically defined activities and a dynamic network around the global innovation community. Driven by its Vision and Mission, the lab has four central pillars of expertise - research, education, consultancy, and partnership. More details about the scope, features, and involved projects of these pillars, please refer to the lab's Service Portfolio.

Who specifically benefits from the Lab?

At The BRIDGE Lab, we leverage on two main avenues to generate tangible benefits for stakeholders – strategic lab publications and flagship public events, both are tailored for non-academic societal actors. One example is the summer edition of the quarterly publication series which features our first Briefing Report on «Societal Acceptance of Urban Drones», including key findings of a recent study and recommendations for implementation. Another example is the inaugural event at the lab’s first anniversary «DIAS Meets IPZ», co-organized with the Canton of Zurich to support its innovation promotion efforts. More lab outputs will be produced in the coming months, we invite you to keep updated by following us on LinkedIn.

You can find more information about the BRIDGE Lab here.

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Ning Wang

Dr. Ning Wang is an ethicist and a political scientist. She has a broad research interest in the ethics assessment and responsible governance of emerging and future technologies, such as robotics, autonomous systems, and generative AI. Through empirical studies, she aims to address the ethical, social, legal, and regulatory challenges disruptive technologies pose to society, explore responsive analytical approaches in the understanding and evaluation of them, and propose practical governance tools for the design, development, and use of them.