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Successful interdisciplinary workshop of the DSI Community Mobility

The interdisciplinary workshop organized by Hoda Allahbakhshi and Liudmila Zavolokina from the DSI Community Mobility on July 1 in Maienfeld was a great success. 13 attendees from 2 universities (UZH and ZHAW) participated in the workshop. During the workshop, the researchers presented five different research ideas, and four were selected for the poster session. The research ideas covered topics like mobility ecosystems, city accessibility, and sustainable transportation. As a result of the workshop, the participants could develop their research ideas in small teams working on «research design canvases».

Ideas presented:

  • Using Artificial Intelligence for the Reduction of Emissions in Cities – Creating sustainable transportation with AI by Kilian Sprenkamp
  • Innovation in Business Ecosystems – The case of autonomous mobility by Anja Schulze
  • Impacts of physical and digital activity spaces on the mobility of digital natives by Tumasch Reichenbacher
  • Perceptions and usability of the changes in the urban environment for mobility-impaired people and older adults by Alexandra Ioana Georgescu
  • Modelling urban walkability using architects’ tools by Beatrix Emo

Ideas in the poster session:

  • Reconstruct Activity Pattern by Spatio-temporal Trajectories by Changyu Han
  • Measuring the environmental impact of mobility by Peter Ranacher
  • Adapting geographic relevance on mobile maps with a neuroadaptive approach by Bingjie Cheng
  • Place Modeling with Big Mobility Data and Deep Learning Models by Cheng Fu
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