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Digital Society Initiative

Ethical, Legal and Social Issues of Big Data

The social acceptance of Big Data solutions depends crucially on the correct handling of ELSI issues - ELSI stands for "ethical, legal & social issues". Find out more in the newly published white paper "Ethical, Legal and Social Issues of Big Data - a Comprehensive Overview": here.

The paper brings together the expertise of the members of the ELSI Task Force. This task force was founded within the framework of the #NFP75 to deal with these specific topics. The UZH Digital Society Initiative was represented by Markus Christen, Eleonora Viganò and Michele Loi.

The white paper consists of two parts: a total of six main articles, divided into three sections corresponding to the ELSI analysis levels of ethics, law and social issues, and three commentaries that either elaborate on topics already covered or highlight new ones.

Find out more about the paper here or in the blog.