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UZH Magazin: Artificial Intelligence - smarter than us?

The current UZH magazine (available in German) is dedicated entirely to the topic of "Artificial Intelligence": How does AI influence our lives, what do we need it for and what can it do at all?

UZH researchers, who deal with the topic of artificial intelligence from very different perspectives, have their say on this topic in the dossier. Absolutely worth reading! 

UZH Magazin 01/20

Cover UZH Magazin

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can already do a lot these days: recognize diseases, identify faces, predict climate change, determine the risk of recidivism of offenders, translate texts in no time at all, offer individualized purchase offers, etc. 

However, the rapid development in the field of artificial intelligence is also fuelling fears of job loss, manipulation and discrimination. Because the intelligent programs are increasingly penetrating into areas that were previously reserved for humans and, it seems, make us competition. That makes us feel insecure. Will intelligent algorithms and adaptive AI systems be smarter than us in the future? Will they relieve us of work and thinking or will they complement and expand our capabilities? 

The UZH magazine gives researchers such as Abraham Bernstein, Kerstin Vokinger, Markus Christen, Anne Scherer, Michael Krauthammer, Anniko Hannak, Sven Seuken, etc. a chance to tell us what their research has shown.