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Digital Society Initiative

Guest commentary in NZZ

Various members of the DSI board of directors and network have given their views on the topics tracking app and the use of data in times of Covid-19 in the guest commentary over the last weeks. All articles are available only in German.

NZZ of 13 May 2020
Guest commentary by Florent Thouvenin, Viktor von Wyl and Abraham Bernstein on the use of data to contain Covid-19
Daten nutzen, denn Daten nützen

NZZ from 2 May 2020
Guest commentary by Eszter Hargittai and Florent Thouvenin on the chances of a voluntary tracking app
Tracking-App: Chancen stehen gut

NZZ from 29 April 2020
Guest commentary by Kerstin Noëlle Vokinger and Urs Gasser on the legal basis for digital contact tracing
Contact-Tracing: Das Vertrauen nicht verspielen