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Digital Society Initiative

Welcome: New DSI Professors from April 2020!

We are pleased to welcome the two new DSI Professors Karsten Donnay and Viktor von Wyl since April 2020.

Karsten Donnay is Assistant Professor of Political Behavior and Digital Media in the Department of Political Science and part of the Digital Society Initiative of the University of Zurich as a DSI-Professor. In his research, Karsten Donnay combines a substantive interest in political science with the development and refinement of quantitative methodologies for social science research. Next to his academic work, Karsten Donnay advises international organizations as well as public and private sector stakeholders in the area of digitalization and data science.

Viktor von Wyl is Assistant Professor with Tenure Track for Digital and Mobile Health at the Faculty of Medicine and is part of the Digital Society Initiative as one of the DSI professors. Since 2014 Viktor von Wyl has been leading the development and implementation of the Swiss Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Registry at the Institute of Epidemiology, Biostatistics & Prevention at the University of Zurich. Many of its research activities are based on statistical analyses of the MS Registry and other epidemiological and clinical MS databases. Other research interests include the methodology of digital epidemiology (e.g., the development of epidemiological approaches to integrate and analyze secondary digital data), text analysis using crowdsourcing (e.g., to analyze patient diaries), and grouping procedures for follow-up data.  


With Kerstin Noelle Vockinger, Luis Aguiar, Anniko Hannak, Karsten Donnay and Viktor von Wyl a total of five DSI professors have now been appointed and have taken up their position.