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Digital Society Initiative

UZH Innovathon 2023: The Digitalization of Mobility

The special course and open innovation format «UZH Innovathon: The Digitalization of Mobility», developed by the DSI Community Mobility together with the UZH Innovation Hub, will take place again in Fall 2023.

The unique course is open for Master and Doctoral students from any UZH faculty and eligible for 6 ECTS. Students will dive into the interdisciplinary nature of the digitalization of mobility, taught by lecturers from the DSI Community Mobility. In the second part of the course, equipped with an innovation manual and guided by experienced facilitators and researchers, students develop creative solutions to real-world challenges from the presently highly relevant developments around the digitalization of mobility.

Challenges are proposed by industry partners, examples from past years are: How do we enhance the attractiveness of ride-sharing services for people who own a car? How can travel apps be designed to target the needs of young people? How can we enhance safety in trains by innovative ideas? And how can digitalization optimize the use of different means of transportation to be more sustainable?

By tackling such challenges, students can contribute to a world where mobility is connected, autonomous, post-fossil, and clean – a future that promotes health, environmental sustainability, and economic growth.

For more information on the UZH Innovathon 2023, click here.