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Digital Society Initiative

DSI Community Mobility: Interdisciplinary Workshop – Call for Participation

The DSI Community Mobility is organizing its 2-day interdisciplinary workshop in Filzbach, Switzerland on June 22-23, 2023, to connect researchers interested in the future of mobility and establish collaborations in the field.

Are you interested in research about the future of mobility? Do you want to connect and establish a research collaboration in this area? The DSI Community Mobilty organizes the workshop as a «marketplace of ideas» to support research exchange and collaborations in the area of mobility and digitalization. The main topic of the workshop this year will be «Smart cities and urban analytics» and it includes but is not limited to human mobility, navigation, autonomous vehicles, smart cities, space mobility, etc.

This workshop pursues two aims. First, to provide a platform for researchers from different disciplines to connect and present/exchange research ideas in this domain. Second, to develop a preliminary research plan for the ideas accepted for presentation within the focus group discussions.

All information and the registration link can be found here. (PDF, 298 KB)