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Digital Society Initiative


The DSI Community Ethics organizes a series of workshops and public events to engage in current discussions about developments of Artificial Intelligence. At AI-Week, we strive to foster an environment that stimulates interdisciplinary thinking and encourages thoughtful analysis of the ethical implications inherent in AI development and applications.

This event brings together experts from various disciplines, including AI researchers, ethicists, social scientists, computer scientists, and industry pioneers.

AI-Week provides a platform for networking, fostering new collaborations, and establishing connections with like-minded individuals who are passionate about shaping the future of AI in a responsible and ethical manner.

  • When / Wann: 18 - 22 Septemper, 2023
  • Where / Wo: Digital Society Initiative & Digital Library Space, Rämistrasse 69, Zurich
  • Organisation: DSI Community Ethics
18. - 19.09.2023 Ethics of Emotion Comupting
19.09.2023 Artificial intelligence and public health
20.09.2023 Apéro Philo
21. - 22.09.2023 Humanization of Healthcare Chatbots
22.09.2023 Making Sense of AI Hype