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Digitalisierungsmonitor 2023: Compare yourself with the candidates on digital policy issues

How do the candidates position themselves on digital policy issues? The «Digitalisierungsmonitor» for the National Council and Council of States elections on October 22, 2023, enables voters to identify the candidates' positions in the area of digital policy and thus make an informed voting decision.

On the online platform «Digitalisierungsmonitor 2023», you can answer 23 questions (in German, French and Italian) on the most important digital policy issues and compare yourself directly with the candidates for the National Council and Council of States.

The «Digitalisierungsmonitor» is a digital policy supplement to the «smartvote» online voting tool. The ongoing process of digital transformation demands answers to important questions in the area of digitalization of the economy and society. The «Digitalisierungsmonitor» offers all candidates the opportunity to present their positions to voters.

The comparison tool, which is publicly accessible online free of charge, enables all voters to compare themselves directly with the candidates and thus identify which candidates are closest to them in terms of digital policy.

Click here for the comparison tool:

The DSI is involved in the project as a scientific partner via the DSI Community Democracy and has co-financed the project.

Read here (PDF, 145 KB) the media release (in German) on the topic.