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Digital Society Initiative

The Digital Policy Alert – Your Gateway to Global Digital Policy

Navigating the dynamic landscape of the digital economy can be challenging due to uncoordinated government regulations and the lack of international best practices. Worse, there is currently no international monitoring effort for laws and regulations affecting the digital economy. The Digital Policy Alert (DPA) aims to fill the evidence gap in digital economy policies by offering publicly accessible, transparent, and timely documentation of policy and enforcement developments.

Launched in April 2021, the project team has tracked over 3,800 policy changes using a comprehensive tagging system for easy user discovery. The DPA combines policy monitoring with in-depth analysis, providing transparency in global digital policy. The flagship report, Emergent Digital Fragmentation, and the ongoing Digital Digest series offer insights into the G20 nations' domestic digital policy landscape. Users can access the DPA website to receive tailored notifications on new developments and explore the public database through interactive visualisations

Interested users are invited to engage with DSI member Tommaso Giardini, Associate Director of the DPA.