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Digital Society Initiative

Third-Party Projects

DSI Label in the database of third-party funds of the UZH


Have you raised third-party funds in connection with the DSI or the DIZH, or for a project relevant to digitalization? Then we would like to ask you to label these projects as such in the UZH's database of third-party funds (Drittmitteldatenbank).

When you open a project in the third-party database, you will be asked to make a selection via a dialogue. The following labels are available:

DSI/DIZH Project:

  • Project responsible is a:
    • DSI/DIZH Professorship
    • DSI/DIZH Assistant Professorship
    • DSI PhD student
    • researcher employed at the DSI
    • DIZH Bridge Professorship or
    • DIZH Bridge Postdoc
  • Project of a DSI Community:
    • which is administered at the DSI, or
    • made possible by DSI Funding, or
    • made possible by cooperation with a DSI Fellow, or
    • declared as such by the project manager (in agreement with institute/faculty/DSI)

DSI/DIZH projects are subject to an adjusted overhead distribution.

DSI/DIZH-relevant project:

  • The project has a weak connection to the DSI/DIZH or deals with a digitalization-relevant topic.

Not relevant (with respect to DSI/DIZH):

  • No relationship to the DSI/DIZH or to digitalization topics

If you subsequently have to label a third-party funded project, please contact us by e-mail