DSI Infrastucture & Lab Call

Der Call ist geschlossen.


The research program of the «Digitalization Initiative of the Zurich Higher Education Institutions (DIZH)» finances the creation or promotion of infrastructures and labs. The terms «infrastructure» and «lab» are deliberately broadly defined. The focus is on the establishment of jointly usable infrastructures or structural vessels to promote collaborative settings for research that touches upon the idea of digital transformation. The bundling of existing competencies and persons should enable synergies and new forms of cooperation. Examples include regular, purpose-oriented meetings of researchers to jointly develop solutions and the combination of existing infrastructures or the development of new ones that are conducive to interdisciplinary cooperation. However, the call for DSI Infrastructures & Labs is not aimed solely at supporting individuals or projects.

Applications for DSI Infrastructures & Labs are evaluated by a commission that includes representatives of all University of Zurich (UZH) faculties and a representative from the office for Strategic Research Platforms of the UZH. The decision of the commission is final. Further information can be found in the Process section below.

Applications for DSI infrastructures and labs can be submitted by members of the Digital Society Initaitive (DSI) at the UZH (i.e., regular DSI members). Projects with persons from other DIZH institutions (PHZH, ZHAW, ZHdK) are welcome, but this is not a mandatory criterion for an award. Applicants must be able to provide (at least) the same amount of co-financing to match the funds applied for in the application. The financing period for applications with DSI funds is usually 1- 2 years, with the possibility of extension. However, long-term financing of infrastructures and labs with DIZH funds is excluded.




Gabriele Prohaska