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02.03.22: Why the future of work is funny

Why the future of work is funny

Prof. Dr. Jamie L. Gloor, PhD | Assistant Professor
Competence Centre for Diversity & Inclusion, School of Management, University of St. Gallen

Host: Lauren Howe, Assistant Professor in Management, University of Zurich


Wednesday March 2. 2022, 17:45-19:15


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We may all feel a sense of relief after a good joke and a laugh, whether it’s at work, at home, or with friends. And it’s easy to take workplace humor lightly—something that just makes work a little more fun. But, given the power of humor—particularly in tricky situations (and after these tricky years we've had)—I’ll highlight 3 evidence-based ideas about why humor has evolved from a “nice to have” into a “need to have” skill for the future of work and leadership. Despite the rise of AI and AI-powered robots—or perhaps even because of this—“human” skills such as communication, collaboration, and humor are more important than ever. So, while honesty may (still) be the best policy, I'll explain why when the truth is tricky to acknowledge, define, or discuss, a little humor can go a long way.



Jamie is an Assistant Professor (with tenure option) in the School of Management at the University of St.Gallen and a former DSI fellow. Her research focuses on leadership, diversity, humor, and the future of work/leadership.

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Prof. Dr. Jamie L. Gloor, PhD