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22.03.22: The future of humanitarian work in light of digitalisation

The future of humanitarian work in light of digitalisation

Philippe Marc Stoll | Partnership and Engagement Manager
Digital Transformation & Data Department, International Committee of the Red Cross

Host: Cristina Teleki,, Research Associate at the Graduate Institute Geneva


Tuesday March 22. 2022, 17:45-19:15



Similar to what we witness here in Switzerland, the growing use of new and digital technologies is impacting conflicts around the world. Not only people affected by these armed conflicts, but they also change the way the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and humanitarian organisations conduct their work. While staff and volunteers continue to distribute food, build shelters, give health assistance or visit hundreds of thousands of people in prisons, the ICRC uses digital cash transfer, AI, drones, blockchain, NFT, etc.

In his presentation, Philippe Stoll will speak about how these tools present both opportunities and risks. How they can improve the quality, the speed and the relevance of humanitarian work, but also how they can lead to new problems for people in war zones (cyber-attacks, surveillance, data protection…).



Philippe Stoll heads the Digital Transformation and Partnership Engagement at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). He has previously led the Research for the Humanitarian Communication’s team at the ICRC, working on strategies and issues linked to acceptance, trust, anthropology and art. In his 16 years of humanitarian experience, Philippe has managed Public Relations for Asia and has undertaken field missions in India, Sierra Leone, Israel and the Occupied Territories. He holds Masters’ degrees in both Economics (University of Geneva) and Journalism (University of Lausanne). He spent six years working as a journalist for print media and television in Switzerland. He is also active in the local cultural scene having collaborated with Poor Records, Pascal Greco, HEAD Genève and Festival Antigel. He is a member of the jury for the Art Humanité award.

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Recording der Veranstaltung vom 22.03.2022

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Philippe Marc Stoll