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Digital Society Initiative

Vortrag: How to NOT build a Terminator

Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2017, 18:00-20:00, Hauptgebäude UZH, Aula KOL-G-201

Öffentliche Veranstaltung mit Prof. Ron Arkin (Georgia Institute of Technology, Regents' Professor and Director Mobile Robot Laboratory) zum Thema «How to NOT build a Terminator» (auf Englisch).


Prof. Heather Roff (Arizona State University, Global Security Initiative)

Prof. Abraham Bernstein (University of Zurich, Director Digital Society Initiative)

Moderation: PD Dr. Markus Christen


How to NOT build a Terminator
Given the present pace, direction, and funding of humanoid technological development, it seems that the science fiction vision of a Terminator robot is becoming more and more of a potential reality.  Many researchers, perhaps unknowingly or unwittingly, are providing the capabilities to achieve such a platform, i.e., perhaps answering the question of "how to build a terminator".  This talk focuses on the ethical questions surrounding the potential creation of robotic platforms with lethal autonomy, striving to answer the question of "how to NOT build a Terminator"), perhaps by either avoiding or restraining the use of lethal force when (not if) this capability is achieved. Several options are presented that range from complete relinquishment of robotics research (Bill Joy and the Unabomber), to a moratorium, to banning of such capability (advocated by Human Rights Watch and ICRAC), to directly governing the behavior of lethal robots in a manner consistent with International Humanitarian Law (research in the Georgia Tech Mobile Robot Laboratory).