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Digital Society Initiative

Parldigi MasterClass

The digital transformation constantly offers new and attractive technologies that are developed by IT companies, brought to market and used by the population, the state and the economy. As a result, the need for politicians to respond to these new possibilities and the associated opportunities and risks is also constantly changing.

The Parldigi MasterClass aims to educate members of parliament elected at national and cantonal level on technical and legal fundamentals so that they can form a competent and independent opinion on upcoming decisions. By means of short presentations and discussion contributions from qualified researchers, scientifically sound and politically neutral content is conveyed on current issues relating to digitalization.

The Digital Society Initiative organizes the Parldigi MasterClass together with Verein Parldigi and the support of Stiftung Mercator Schweiz.


Parldigi MasterClass 2021 - 2023

Here you can find more information about the Parldigi MasterClass 2023/2024 in the Canton of Bern's «Grosser Rat»

A review of the Parldigi MasterClass 2021 in the national parliament can be found here.