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How is the Studium Digitale structured?

We start at the beginning and begin with the question of what exactly digitalization actually means. Furthermore, the course will answer the following questions: What is a computer? What is the difference between data, information and knowledge? How does analog data become digital? How do you store data or integrate it with other data? What are the analysis options and how can results be visualized effectively? What exactly is the difference between a programming language and a language like German or Italian? What is "computational thinking" and why is it also good for people to think a bit like a computer sometimes? What exactly is an algorithm? What can artificial intelligence do - today and tomorrow? What happens when a machine learns and what happens to a society for which this is becoming more and more normal? Who actually invented the Internet and what was before 'social media'? What do ethics mean in a digital world? Who owns data and what is 'data protection law'?

Finally, it's all about acquiring digital skills that make studying easier and directly affect everyday study. It is about the efficient handling of one's own data (e.g. saving one's own documents) and digital collaboration for working in groups. It is also about sustainability, diversity and inclusion in contact with digitalization.

Central contents and applications of digital data processing and technology should be understood. Basic questions in the context of digitalization should be classified and critically reflected. Successful completion of the course will result in a solid basic knowledge in the following areas.

  1. Data and Information
  2. Programming and computational thinking
  3. Digital Society and
  4. Digital Study

At an application level, students will learn to structure digital work and apply digital tools meaningfully in their studies.

Want to know what a typical Studium Digitale lecture looks like?

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Click here for course element 17a Digital studieren: "Daten organisieren, sichern und nachnutzen".

All other Studium Digitale course elements are also available as videos. In addition, you will also find exercises for the lessons alongside the videos.