Studium Digitale in HS21

Das Studium Digitale im HS 2021


Organization and course schedule

Studium Digitale is an online-only course. All the content you need can be found here on OLAT. The system allows you to watch the instructional videos here, obtain the lecture notes electronically, work on the exercises, discuss with other students, and ask questions to the respective lecturers.


Structure of the OLAT Course
Studium Digitale comprises 17 course elements numbered from 1 to 17 (number 11 is still being produced and therefore does not yet appear in this course). With almost every course element you will meet a new lecturer who teaches on a certain topic in the respective course element.

It makes sense that you complete the course modules one after the other, as the contents partly build on each other. Each course element consists of videos that are relevant for the exam. Most of the course elements also include exercises and a script. As far as possible, we offer PowerPoint slides.

Examination and performance

By booking the online course "Studium Digitale" you are automatically registered for the exam, which will take place online on OLAT. The exam will take place in the fall semester 2021 on 

February 1, 2022, 10 -12 

The repeat exam will be offered in FS22 on July 5, 2022, 10-12

To pass the Studium Digitale course, you must pass the exam at the end of the semester. To pass the exam, we recommend that you study the content in this OLAT course carefully and especially complete the exercises in the course.

  • All contents of the video lessons are relevant for the exam.
  • The duration of the exam is 120 min. 
  • The exam questions consist exclusively of Kprim and single choice questions.
  • The evaluation of Studium Digitale is: pass/fail
  • The exam can be repeated twice

Still questions about administration and organization?

For questions about administration and organization, please send an email to Also for other concerns or technical problems we would like to ask you to contact us by mail to this address.