Details of the Course Program

Description of the course Studium Digitale

To understand today's society as a whole and to be able to study successfully, one must understand what "digitalization" is. Therefore, a basic digital literacy is needed. The aim of the online lecture "Studium Digitale", developed by the Digital Society Initiative of the UZH, is to give a first introduction to this broad and complex topic.

How is Studium Digitale presented?

Studium Digitale takes place as an online course (in German) on the OLAT platform. The course consists of video lessons, exercises, and self-study tests. Students can view and study the learning content at the time that suits them.

What is the transcript of records?

The transcript of records takes place as an online-examination at the end of the semester and consists of a written multiple-choice examination (single choice and Kprim only).

Three ECTS are awarded for a passed exam.

How can the Studium Digitale be booked?

The Studium Digitale as well as other innovative interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary courses were offered for the first time in FS21 via the new School for Transdisciplinary Studies (

You can book modules for the Studium Digitale in the course catalog of the University of Zurich via Further Offers → School for Transdisciplinary Studies → Studium Digitale or via your respective study program.

Who is the target group?

Studium Digitale is aimed at all UZH students at the Bachelor's level, regardless of what they are studying in their major.

Studium Digitale is e-accessible and thus accessible to students with visual or hearing impairments.