Studium Digitale BSc

The new interdisciplinary course offering for Bachelor students

From the spring semester of 2021 on, the University of Zurich will be offering Bachelor students a new course with the Studium Digitale. The Studium Digitale teaches basic digital skills from an interdisciplinary perspective.

What does the Studium Digitale teach?

To understand today's society as a whole and to be able to study successfully, you have to understand what "digitalization" is. Therefore, basic digital competencies are needed.

The aim of the online lecture Studium Digitale, specially developed by UZH/DSI, is to give students at Bachelor level a first introduction to this broad and complex topic.

The four building blocks of Studium Digitale are "Data & Information", "Programming and Computational Thinking", "Digital Society" and "Studying Digitally".

Please note that the Studium Digitale takes place in german.

Curious about it?


Die Digitalisierung verändert, fordert und ermöglicht vieles.
Auch für dich an deinem Studium an der UZH.
Was du deshalb brauchst, ist Digitalkompetenz.
Studium Digitale ist die interdisziplinäre Online-Vorlesung zum Thema "Digitalisierung".
Damit du das digitale Rüstzeug für dein Studium erwirbst.
Und wo findet die Vorlesung statt?
Online, natürlich!
(UZH, Digital Society Initiative)

Any questions?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or other concerns. Your contact is Nina Cornelius-Malecha via