Studium Digitale BSc

Digital Literacy Education @UZH:
Digital Literacy Studies

The Studium Digitale is an interdisciplinary course in the introductory phase of studies. This means that it is aimed at all UZH students at Bachelor level, regardless of what is being studied in the main subject. We are currently developing and producing the Studium Digitale, which will be offered for the first time in 2020.

The Studium Digitale will follow the principle of a lecture series. More than 20 different experts from almost all faculties of the UZH are preparing learning units that will make students fit to study in a digital world in the competence areas of Data & Information, Programming and Computational Thinking and Digital Society. In its final form, the Studium Digitale is an online course with a written final examination, the passing of which earns the students 3 ECTS. 

We are always available for open questions on the topic and other concerns. Your contact person is Annika Martin, who manages Studium Digitale.


In the context of the corona crisis, the Digital Society Initiative has organized a preview of the lesson Studium Digitale: Digital studieren: Daten organisieren, sichern und nachnutzen". Click here to go directly to the preview.