Program Rules

This page gives an overview about the requirements of the DSI Excellence Program and summarizes the most important rules. For further details regarding the rules please refer to the Participation Agreement. Please note: these rules are valid for the currently running program. The DSI reserves the right to change the rules for future runs of the program.

Program Duration

The DSI Excellence Program is usually completed within 2 years. This is also the minimum time a participant must spend in the program to obtain the DSI certificate.

DSI Courses

  • In order to pass the curricular part of the DSI Excellence Program, the participants must achieve the following during their time in the program:
    • successfully complete all compulsory modules, and
    • successfully complete at least two elective modules (from the categories "DSI core elective modules" and/or "Other core elective modules").
  • In exceptional cases, the booking and attendance of a course may be postponed for one year. The program coordinator ( must agree.
  • Participants are responsible for booking the courses themselves. A booking is also necessary for the compulsory courses.

PhD Day

Until further notice, the following rule regarding the attendance on the PhD Days is suspended due to the COVID situation.

Participants in the DSI Excellence Program must spend some time in the coworking space of the DSI (the Participation Agreement states how much time). Two PhD half days have been defined for this purpose:

Thursday morning and Friday morning.

The time spent in the coworking space should include one of these two half days. Exceptions that occur frequently must be discussed with the program coordinatior.

Events and Networking

Participants are requested to support the cohort feeling (i.e. the bonding effect within the group) by registering in the DSI network, exchanging ideas with other participants and showing commitment in the DSI community.

Person of Trust

In case of concerns and conflicts, the participants of the DSI Excellence Program have access to confidants. The first point of contact is the program coordinator ( In case of problems with the program coordinator, the DSI managing office is available.