Science Support, Funding and Criteria

The deadline for submitting your Community Program Proposal is November 1, 2022.


A DSI Community is a group of DSI members working in the topic area of a Challenge Area or Cross Cutting Topic.

  • Only DSI Communities now have access to DSI funds.
  • DSI communities are entitled to use the DSI premises.
  • The DSI Communities apply with a program for financial support.
  • The DSI Board of Directors decides on the applications.
  • DSI Network members can create new communities.

Creation of new communities

Is there a topic you want to tackle with colleagues from the DSI Network?

  • Get together (e.g. DSI Speed Dating)
  • Make sure that the plans of the new community are in line with the DSI roadmap (PDF, 392 KB)
  • Submit the proposal to create a new community towards the DSI directorate (
  • Create a “plan” for next year that includes requests for funding

Application Process

Annual Community Program

  • Funding for a community coordinator
  • Seed funding for application writing
  • Funding for Fellows
  • Organization of events, workshops, etc.

Board of Directors decides on the entirety of the Communities' applications

  • Set priorities
  • Facilitate synergies between the activities of the communities

There is no automatic entitlement for funding.

Financing Criteria

In principle, the DSI does not support any hardware (e.g. tablets). Nor can the DSI finance the development of products or services. The Board of Directors decides on the support, using the DSI’s strategic funds, according to the following criteria A-I. Fulfilment of these criteria does not constitute a legal entitlement to funding.

Here can download the Financing Criteria (PDF, 293 KB).