Mapping Digital Societies

Website "Initiatives on Digital Societies"

In Switzerland, currently several initiatives dealing with digitalization and its effects on society are ongoing. The field of (institutional) players ranges from the sciences, to economy, politics and administration to art and culture. Accordingly, the cross-cutting topic "Digital Societies" is approached using different perspectives and aiming at different goals. For the first time, the joint project of the Collegium Helveticum and the Digital Society Initiative of the University of Zurich is compiling a systematic overview of Swiss stakeholders actively tackling questions regarding digital societies. The basic data were collected in collaboration with the consultancy evalueSCIENCE. The aim of the project is to provide a public, interactive application informing about initiatives and institutions working on the topic of digital societies, their lines of action, foci and networks. The project thus addresses the stakeholders currently and prospectively working on questions regarding digitalization.

Involved Researchers and Project Partners

  • Prof. Thomas Hengartner (Collegium Helveticum)
  • Dr. Christian Ritter (Collegium Helveticum)
  • Prof. Abraham Bernstein (UZH)
  • Prof. Mike Martin (UZH)
  • Dr. Sarah Lechmann (UZH)
  • Mathis Brauchbar (evalueSCIENCE)


Christian Ritter